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Rocks Off Resources

Rocks Off Magazine loves everything about quality music & movies – especially the icons that make them and their massive contribution to our general culture and enjoyment!

This includes everything from the simple pleasures of watching, reading and listening through to learning and playing. The fact that you’ve landed here tells me you’re probably just as interested in all of this as we are!

As such, this is our ‘Rocks Off Resources’ page – combining the best bits and pieces we’ve found that have contributed to the Rocks Off journey.

We either use these resources ourselves, have used them in the past, or have close friends that have tried, tested and approved! (I’ll be the first to admit I can’t play the piano … but would one day love to learn!)

Check them out below, and if you’ve got any questions about any of it – don’t hesitate to shoot us an email!

Rocks Off Magazine’s Favourite Music Resources:

CD’s & Vinyl

  • If you’re looking for an incredible collection of new and secondhand Cd’s & Vinyl you need to check out CDand LP. Worldwide shipping available, and I haven’t come across an artist I can’t find yet!

Merch & Memorabilia

  • If you’re interested in genuine 100% authentic music, movie & celebrity icon memorabilia – check out Hollywood Memorabilia

Learn To Play

  • Want to learn guitar from the experts? We recommend TrueFire (enter ROM15 for 15% off everything!), Fender Play and Jamorama. All 3 are outstanding resources for anyone looking to learn or sharpen their guitar skills!
  • Is piano more your style? Piano For All and Rocket Piano are our picks here – 2 of the highest-rated online piano programs available.
  • If you’re looking to sharpen those vocals – check out Singorama.
  • On that note, Master Class have some amazing singing classes, as well as all manner of other courses run by world-class professionals (anyone can learn to sing, seriously)
  • Loog is the best way to get your kids started on guitar and ukelele.

You can find out more details regarding learning music online in our guide to ‘The 7 Best Online Music Lessons For All Instruments & Ages

Stereo, Hi-Fi Gear & Home Theatre Equipment

  • For an epic turntable, set of speakers or full Hi-Fi system to play your favourite tracks – World Wide Stereo & Audio Affair will have you covered, all offering top range equipment and brands. (You can also use the code ROM20 at Audio Advice for £20 off all orders over £250.)

Musical Instruments

  • Established in 1924, Sam Ash Music is one of the most reliable retailers of musical instruments anywhere. From guitars, amps and bass to drums, percussion piano’s and keyboards – they’ve got one of the largest ranges on the market, featuring the most celebrated and sought after brands in music.
  • If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality violin, viola or cello in particular – you also need to check out Fiddler Shop

For Producers, DJ’s & Pro Audio Specialists

  • Finally – if you’re an aspiring music producer, or just want to try your hand at putting together a few tracks – you need to check out Mackie, Loopmasters, Prime Loops & Audimute

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This is how we make a living … but don’t be surprised if we sometimes blow it all on festival tickets. Who’s to judge though hey!? 😉

Thanks a million!

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