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Former Members Of Every Time I Die Are Writing Music Together!

Every time I die

In stark contrast to the dime-a-dozen hardcore and metalcore acts that seem to crumble at the drop of a backwards-worn baseball hat, titans of the metal world, Every Time I Die, seemed set to cut a cacophonous path through eternity. But alas, in January 2022, Every Time I Die died one final death.

I’m not gonna lie… the news hit pretty dang hard. Hot Damn is one of my favorite albums of all time, and ETID was one of the few heavy bands I considered truly uncompromising, even after two and a half decades of tearing the metalcore scene to shreds!

Suddenly I knew what all those tween girls felt like when Zayn abandoned his One Direction “bandmates”.

Recently hope sprang anew when the guitarist, Jordan Buckley announced via Twitter that new music might be on the way!

Here’s everything we know thus far.

New Every Time I Die Music?

Before we dig in here, I think it’s important to mention that the chances of the Every Time I Die name surviving the turbulence of recent events are slim – at least for now – so to call whatever the four remaining members are working on ETID music doesn’t seem right.

every time i die jordan buckley

However, according to a tweet from none other than ETID co-founder and guitarist, Mr. Jordan Buckley, the band is producing new music, and they’re using their own Airbnb to rehearse:

Yo how fuckin dope is it that the only person who knows what our new parts sound like is the dude that was staying at our Air BNB this week?! Thanks for letting us practice Connor!

You fuckin rule!”

The tweet was attached to a photo of the musicians (and Connor) in their small practice space.

I’m sure we can all agree that we feel equal parts envious of, and sorry for Connor. On the one hand, he ain’t getting any peace and quiet in that Airbnb, but on the other, he’s the only person in the universe that’s heard Jordan and Co. jam their new music.

What Is This New Music Going To Sound Like?

Obviously, after hearing this news, I was positively bursting with questions, but more than anything I wanted to know what this new music sounds like.

We all know that Jordan and Andy lean towards the Converge-esque chaotic with a southern twist, but perhaps working without a singer is pushing the instrumentals in a different direction! Then again, what if they are working with a secret singer?…

Who Will Be On Vocal Duties In Place Of Keith Buckley?

every time i die keith buckley

Every Time I Die was made up of musician’s musicians; they are the band’s band, so they’re not short of admirers within the music scene.

In fact, they’ve shared a stage with some truly giant voices at times when Keith has been out of action on tour — Could one of these old show savers be the new lungs of what was once ETID?

Well, one such set of lungs belongs to the incendiary Jason Butler of Let Live and Fever 333. He seems like an unlikely permanent fixture, but being that his Fever 333 bandmates have just called it quits, he’s free as a bird to take on some new projects.

Josh Scogin of The Chariot and Norma Jean fame is another big screamer that filled in for Keith during his stints away from the band’s live show, and being that ETID and Norma Jean have shared drummers in the past, Scogin’s involvement isn’t such a far-fetched notion.

The band has also collaborated with hardcore royalty Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw, for the absolute barn-burner of a track, “Champing at the Bit”, and even more recently (and surprisingly) with Panic at the Disco’s falsetto frontman Brendan Urie.

The latter contributed vocals to “It Remembers”, a lead track on the 2016 Low Teens record.

And before you turn your nose up at the thought of Mr. What-a-beautiful-wedding” taking the mic from Keith, I advise you to take a look at his live performances of “It Remembers” with ETID on YouTube — It’s Freddie Mercury meets Randy Blithe!

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Are The Original ETID Members Going To Hit The Studio Soon?

By the sounds of the tweet, I don’t think we should be expecting the artists formerly known as Every Time I Die to be hitting the studio any time soon, but it’s definitely comforting to know that they’re staying productive and writing more music together, even if it only amounts to a couple of rough demos.

Is Keith Buckley Working On Any Projects?

It just so happens that Jordan, Andy, Steve, and Goose aren’t the only ex-ETID members up to their old tricks. Ex-ETID vocalist and brother to Jordan, Kieth Buckley has reportedly linked up with bassist Sergio Vega for a track.

Vega himself has experienced a messy musical divorce recently, getting the axe from moody metal icons, Deftones, after filling in for the beloved Chi Cheng who sadly passed away after a comatose period following a tragic auto accident.

This sounds like it could be one of the first instances of a heavy musical rebound, but I don’t even care. With Keith and Sergio at the helm, it can only be a blistering triumph!

Final Thoughts

The future of metalcore looks bright, even after the dark day that saw one of the genre’s most prized institutions break down under the pressure of a Kardashian-grade spat that no one can make heads or tails of, not even those in the band. 

Granted, any releases seem a fair while off, so we’ll need to be patient, but we can rest easy knowing that the embers of the ETID wildfire may blaze in some form once again!

Check out this interview with Jordan Buckley, courtesy of Furnace Fest.