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You Have to See a Young Johnny Cash Hilariously Impersonating Elvis

A young Johnny Cash and Elvis.

In 1959, a young Johnny Cash attempted to impersonate the King of Rock and Roll while filming a segment for the television show Vel’s Ford Town Hall Party.

Although Elvis and Johnny cash crossed paths, like being part of the ‘Million Dollar Quartet,‘ a recording of a jam session with them and Jerry Lee Lewis in 1956 at Sun Record Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, the iconic pair were never quite friends.

In an excerpt from Cash: The Autobiography, he recalls. “He and I liked each other, but we weren’t that tight – I was older than he was, for one thing, and married, for another – and we weren’t close at all in his later years. I took the hint when he closed his world around him; I didn’t try to invade his privacy.”

Cash continues… “In the ’60s and ’70s, he and I chatted on the phone a couple of times and swapped notes now and again. If he were closing at the Las Vegas Hilton as I was getting ready to open, he’d wish me luck, that kind of thing – but that was about the extent of it.”

But there was definitely an admiration from Cash of Elvis, he says, “Elvis was so good. Every show I did with him, I never missed the chance to stand in the wings and watch. We all did. He was that charismatic.”

Which makes the video clip of a young Johnny Cash impersonating Elvis even more captivating, showing a more humorous side to the “Man In Black.”

In 1959, Elvis had been drafted into the U.S. Army, so who knows if he even saw the impersonation from a young Johnny Cash…

Enjoy watching Cash swiveling his hips, drawling his vocals, and flipping his hairdo in an attempt to embody the King of Rock and Roll’s style.

Watch a Young Johnny Cash Hilariously Impersonating Elvis Below

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